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Large Commissioned Art Glass Projects

In the last 14 years I have created many pieces of stained glass art that I'm proud of.  I work closely with my clients to help their vision for their home come to life.  But as an artist, there are few complements as great as being asked to advise, design, and work on multiple pieces for one home.  I had the honor of working on two new constructions that offered me just that.  
A reproduction 1909 Craftsman Bungalow beach home on Coronado Island has 26 pieces of my work installed.  And an Old World Spanish Hacienda style home in Poway, CA, has 10 of my stained glass panels installed. 
Some were adapted and modified from patterns books.  Others are my original designs.  But all were designed with the goal of creating art that made the new house feel authentic.  And also to add the warmth and feel of home. 
Hours were spent going over colors and design elements that added to, or complimented various details of the individual home.  We made one room feel like an old world church with colorful quatrefoils by the entry door and the high steeples of the living room.  In another I designed 8 stained glass panels with decorative soldiered tree branches that complimented the Torrey Pine fireplace tiles of Laird Plumleigh.
Please click on the links below to see more of my art glass in these beautiful homes.
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